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Grass is Greener

Grassfed Cattle

Research is showing that beef from grass-fed cattle is leaner, healthier, and less costly to the planet–and may even be safer to eat than the heifers you’re chewing on now.

Women’s Health Magazine suggests that instead of focusing on what you’re eating, you should take a look at what your prime rib had for lunch last week. They write:

It just so happens that what makes herds happy also makes their meat healthier. Beef from grass-fed meat (the industry lingo is “grass-fed beef”) packs up to a third less fat per serving. The fat it does have boasts more benefits: A three-ounce serving contains 35 milligrams of the heart- and brain-protecting omega-3s EPA and DHA, compared with only 18 milligrams for the same serving of meat from grain-fed stock. Steers that munch on pasture also have twice the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) per serving (26 milligrams, compared with 13 milligrams in grain-fed). According to Kate Clancy, Ph.D., a senior fellow at the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, early research in rats has linked higher CLA levels with easier weight loss and a reduced risk of heart disease as well as certain types of cancer.

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